Survey Links

The links on various pages of the website are a new initiative to ease the flow of information coming into HQ Section. Some forms may be tweaked several times before they take their final forms. As such, we ask that certain forms be filled out in the traditional (paper) format as well. For attendance, filling out the form will suffice and you will be marked as excused - if you cannot access the form, you are required to call in. 

There is a very important form I'd like to draw to your attention: the Anonymous Feedback form in the Common Documents section. This is a new initiative that is being taken as a proactive measure to curb any potential issues that cadets or parents may find themselves dealing with. You have a safe form where you can voice your concerns anonymously if you do not feel comfortable discussing the matter with a superior (i.e., bullying) directly. The form has been created to give cadets a space to say what they need to without fear. While we will always encourage cadets to come to Officers to discuss problems they may face, for those that are nervous/shy this may be a great way to have their voice heard as well. There is the option to enter your personal information if you wish to receive a follow-up. However, the form has been secured so no information you enter can lead the recipient to you (i.e., cookies are disabled, IP loggers switched off, URL mirrors "broken" etc). We hope that this form does not need to be used! 

Thank you for your patience with this ever-changing digital world we now work in! As always, if you have any suggestions, please let us know (hey, maybe check out the new "Website Feedback" form!!)