Homework Club

We are now offering Cadets who are struggling academically, or could just use some advice on projects and assignments, an area to work on school, separate from the rest of the Unit activities. Those cadets who take advantage of this program will have access to an Internet-connected laptop with full Microsoft Office programs. In the event the desk is being used by Officers for other purposes, don't worry! It's a laptop! You can bring it with you to the main hall area to do your work there. Officers will be available to assist you in your work (of course, each Officer has their strong/weak areas, so make sure you ask them what subjects they're best in!). This program is in its infancy and as such, some hiccups may arise. Please bare with us as we iron out the kinks. Remember, school comes first! We'd love to help you succeed! This program is now live, and Cadets may arrive one-hour early for training nights to take advantage of it (i.e., arrive at 1730hrs, Lt Keller will be there).