Cadets Complete Army Cadet Fitness Testing

By Cadet Warrant Officer Karla Olivares

Rockliffe Park, ON - A sea of red shirts file into the gym of Ashbury College as the 137 Ashbury Royal Canadian Dragroon Army Cadets set up for an evening of fitness assessment. Our Dragoon Cadets are ready to find out where they have improved and where there's still room to grow.  To help the Dragoon Cadets measure their fitness level they participate in scheduled fitness assessments modified from the old Canadian Armed Forces Express Test.  As part of the test, the Cadets take part in a variety of exercises including: 20 metre shuttle run, push-ups, sit-ups, the reach and hold, and flexibility assessments.

As one of the aims of the cadet program is to promote physical fitness, we have these fitness testing days to help our cadets both make and reach physical fitness goals in a fun and safe environment. In addition to fitness assessments we hold Sports Days every third Saturday of the month to keep our cadets motivated and provide an opportunity for team building, fun, and exercise.  Fitness is also an important component required to attend advanced Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps training courses such as Advanced Cold Weather that takes place in the Arctic.

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