137 Ashbury RCD Army Cadets is staffed by specially trained Officers of the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve. Supporting and in addition to these officers are a group of other CAF Regular Force members, Reserve Force members, Civilian Instructors, and Volunteers. Combined, the adult staff of 137 Ashbury bring over 70-years of both cadet and military experience. This is not our full-time job - although sometimes it turns into one! Some are employees of other companies while others may be college or university students. The bulk of our time invested in the Cadet program is based on volunteering, and it's that dedication to the program that helps make us one of the best units in the country! 

Get to know our staff! Click on their name to reveal a little more information about our Officers! Interested in becoming staff? Click here to fill our an information sheet and send it to our Admin Section! 

Military and Volunteer Staff

Commanding Officer: Captain Patricia Bonacci
OIC Service Support: Captain Cindy McKee
Training Officer: Lieutenant Joshua Ryan
Administration Officer: Officer Cadet France Daviault

Supply Officer: Second Lieutenant Henry Patterson

Training Staff: Lieutenant Ted Nichol

Training Staff: Lieutenant Ted Nichol                   Sub-Lieutenant Garry Balaganthan
Supply CV: Patricia Schultz
Civilian Volunteers: Rob Gilmour
                                  Shane Albers
                                  Kevin Maloney
                                  Ryan Peever

Support Committee Staff

Chairperson: Gordon Marshall
Co-Chair & RecruitingStephane Bourgie
Secretary: Amanda Ehlrich
Treasurer: Jocelyn Peever


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