Who Are We and What Do We Do? 

The Support Committee is made up of Parent Volunteers. Its Executive Committee consists of a Chairperson (Stephan Bourgie) , Co-Chairperson (Amanda Ehrlich), Treasurer (Jocelyn Peever), Secretary (Zhara Sheridan) and Volunteer (Gordon Marshall) as well as special Fundraising committees. The Support Committee assists the Commanding Officer in the recruiting of Cadets, promotes the Corps and its activities in the community, organizes fundraising events such as Tagging weekends and the 137 Run, and provides financial support with funds received through fundraising efforts and donations. The Support Committee is always happy to have parents' support in our fundraising efforts and promoting our Corps and the Army Cadets Program. If you are interested in helping out, please email us at parentsofashbury137@gmail.com.

MOU between the Army Cadet League and the Department of National Defence


A big part of the Cadet program - locally - is obtained through donations. To receive a charitable tax receipt, cheques must be made out to the "Army Cadet League of Canada (Ontario)" [ACLC-O]. In the MEMO field, please put "137 Army Cadet Corps (Ashbury)". You can hand deliver the cheque to the Support Committee Treasurer who will process the cheque through the ACLC(O) office in Toronto. The ACLC(O) will then send you directly the charitable tax receipt and send 137 Army Cadet Corps the full amount of the donation. 

OnLine Donations through major credit cards and/or PayPal are coming soon!

Recruiting Material

If you have any recruiting ideas, please speak with the Sub-Committee members. Please see the Recruiting Officer, Capt McKee, or Ocdt Daviault for recruiting materials. Some of these documents were created by DCdts and DND/CAF, and as such, must be used for certain activities. They can be edited to suit our needs, however all outgoing communications must be approved by the Recruiting Officer before being distributed. Please see the above named Members for additional information.